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John Phil Wayne

[John Phil Wayne]

Monte-Carlo Jazz Masters Nominee - Virtuoso Jazz Solo Guitarist

John Phil Wayne's Music Awards

  • Nominated Best Guitarist in 1961 and 1964
  • First Prize Jazz Guitar Solo in 1980
  • First Prize International Jazz Guitar Solo in 1982
  • Nominated Best European Rock Guitarist in 1990
  • A Gold and a Platinum Record as best Arranger and Solo Performer of the 80s/90s/2000s

About John Phil Wayne

[John's band] "His Version of `Lime House Blues` constitutes a masterpiece of Anthology"
- Jazz Magazine

"Wayne developed a unique style and technique. He's absolutely a world-class-player."
- Siegener Zeitung (Germany)

"A Technical virtuosity which will create a style, if not school. His right-hand/left-hand velocity is magical. Just remarkable !!!"
- Guitare Magazine (France)

"John is a revelation, a unique style in the world where one can hear simultaneously two Guitars, a Bass, a Drum set and Latin Percussions."
- Le Parisien (France)